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Bargain Shopper of the Week: The Meadowlands

Maybe it’s my patriotism — or my hardwired Depression-era frugality — but I can’t stand leaving the lights on for no reason.  Which is why I applaud the New York football Giants.  Yesterday, in the midst of getting shellacked at home by a bunch of Texan criminals, they simply turned out the lights.

Sure, 80,000 fans were terrified and trapped in the dark — but how about taking one for the team?  No need to throw good electricity after bad.

Big Blue goes green and saves green



The world’s leading slaughterer of bovine families and human waist-lines has nixed its dollar menu, hurting the homeless who depend on MickeyD’s for affordable food (that helps end their lives earlier).

Poor form, McDonald’s.

Let us all remember the wisdom of Reb Nachum, when Lazar Wolf gave the beggar only one kopeck on account of his downturn. “So, if you had a bad week, why should I suffer?”

No, I don't need a hug. I need an affordable McNugget, you creepy clown.

The New York Times

So the Paper of Record now features tales of a “frequent flier” who tells us things like it’s a bad idea to use in-flight wi-fi to view porn, airports help justify Hermes ties, and Shabbat starts on Friday not Thursday.

Not how my airport column would go.

Were The Gray Lady asking me, I’d try to tell you useful things that save you money, like: “Never volunteer to check your bag, no matter how oversized it is.  They’ll make you check it at the gate — for free.”

Or that save you tsuris, like: “Don’t worry about eating the on-board overpriced meal.  Yes, it will make you fortzy — but no one can hear over the engine noise.”

Now this makes sense to me