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LeBron James

The 21st century athlete, the Global Icon, the King… has decided you can’t take your talents to South Beach without some good luck pais.

That’s right, LeBron has been soliciting advice from an Orthodox rabbi.

A little too late to teach him about family, respect, and honor… but maybe just in time to save a shekel.

You don't know what a shonda is? Of course, you don't...


A Passover Miracle: We’re Not Annoyed!

They call him "Jewish Jordan." That's not even a joke.

Everyone’s familiar with the miracle of Chanukah (there’s an Adam Sandler movie for Christ’s sake!) — but today we have a Passover miracle: We’re not annoyed.

Well, two miracles — because the reason we’re not annoyed is that this evening, on the last night of Passover, the heavily favored Duke Blue Devils will go into the national championship game led by Jon Scheyer — a Yid!  We’re so proud, we’re kvelling.

Unless he loses.  In which case, we’re back to the status quo: Jews don’t play sports and we’re annoyed.