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Trayf of the Week: Bacon Jam

Just when you thought it was safe to eat your bagels in mixed company, comes this devilish concoction.  Next time a Goyishe friend offers you a shmear, make sure you ask of what…

Sweet, spicy, savory and SO un-Kosher


Taxi Sharing

A not-so-crowded drive-thru

So New Yorkers don’t want to share cabs with complete strangers.

In case you were wondering why Manhattanites would pass up cheaper cabfare, here’s a partial list of what New Yorkers do in the backseat of a cab:

  • Call their analyst
  • Yell at their mothers
  • Eat things their wives don’t let them eat at home
  • Masturbate
  • Laugh at those people who can’t afford to take cabs on their own