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Trayf of the Week: Trapped at 30,000 feet

Passengers aboard a recent flight from Israel to London learned their dining options were ham melts and bacon baguettes.  In other words, pork… or French pork.  Savvy move from the Mephistophelean easyJet.

Someone must have let them in on a little secret — alter kockers can’t go more than 90 minutes without a nosh — even if their immortal souls are on the line.

Yes, it's super trayf. But... on the other hand...

The New York Times

So the Paper of Record now features tales of a “frequent flier” who tells us things like it’s a bad idea to use in-flight wi-fi to view porn, airports help justify Hermes ties, and Shabbat starts on Friday not Thursday.

Not how my airport column would go.

Were The Gray Lady asking me, I’d try to tell you useful things that save you money, like: “Never volunteer to check your bag, no matter how oversized it is.  They’ll make you check it at the gate — for free.”

Or that save you tsuris, like: “Don’t worry about eating the on-board overpriced meal.  Yes, it will make you fortzy — but no one can hear over the engine noise.”

Now this makes sense to me

United-Continental Merger

First they started charging for the movies, but I never watched the movies, so I didn’t speak up.

Then they started charging for luggage, but I always travel carry-on, so I didn’t speak up.

But if they start charging more for Kosher meals now… I’m going to try to flee the country before it’s too late.  Unfortunately, I’ll probably wind up on a flight paying through my nose.  World you are cruel.  Cruel!

Two inefficient airlines do not make a flight.