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Who’s Giving Us a Bad Name This Week: JDeal

Apparently a couple of greedy Yids (yes, I know that’s redundant) have decided to create JDeal — a Jewish version of Groupon.  Guess they didn’t get the memo we already had one.  It’s called Groupon.

What, you think Goys are spending $4 for an $8 butcher coupon?


Who’s Giving Us a Bad Name This Week: Sharks

It's okay to eat some bottom-feeders, as long as you get the big game, too

Egyptian shores have been devastated  by a vicious series of shark attacks.  And who’s to blame?  That’s right — the Jews.  Or, at least, secret Mossad-trained sharks.  But who could have told Egypt?  Hmm…

Sharks, I’m looking at you!

Clearly these narcing Sharks have never watched Munich — otherwise they’d know better than to mess with Mossad.

Who’s Giving Us a Bad Name This Week: Faigy Grossman

No, this isn’t about her name.

Faigy ripped off Dance Dance Revolution with a video game for Orthodox to boogie down.

Just what we need during the holidays: Gyrating Hasidim telling Goys they got served.

Look, ma, shpilkus!

Suggested by MWS

Who’s Giving Us a Bad Name This Week: Michael Bloomberg

Anxious to demonstrate fiscal responsibility, his Hizzonership has decided to cut Christmas cards, apparently unaware that it looks like a pennypinching Jew billionaire stealing Christmas.

Huzzah.  I’m sure to counterbalance it, he’ll cut our Tu B’Shvat cards.

Every Jew down in Jewville, the tall and the small... was crying.

Who’s Giving Us a Bad Name This Week: Matty Beckerman

Beckerman is a Hollywood producer — not that there’s anything wrong with that.  And as all we know, Hollywood producers like money — not that there’s anything wrong with that.  But Beckerman’s film company is funded by Muammar Qaddafi’s son, who is reportedly happy to be in bed with a Jew.

I guess it’s a win-win.  But I haven’t seen the latest markets — what’s the Hollywood-to-terrorist cred exchange rate?

Qaddafi with the star of Big Top Pee Wee

Who’s Giving Us a Bad Name This Week: Sholom Rubashkin

Let’s look at the evidence against Mr. Rubashkin, a Kosher slaughterhouse manager in Iowa recently convicted of 86 federal financial crimes:

  1. He’s a Kosher slaughterhouse manager in Iowa. Believe you me, we understand trying to exploit an under-served market.  But if you need to turn to crime to make a living, you may have misjudged the demand in the first place.
  2. A large number of lawyers are rallying to his side. Since he hasn’t been involved in a slip-and-fall accident, this is a sure sign he’s going to hell.
  3. He’s trading on his autistic son for sympathy. Only marginally better than trading him for a New York strip.

Saying "sholom" to freedom

Who’s Giving Us a Bad Name This Week: Ari Fleischer

The chief Yid in W’s White House has once again found employment with the most controversial figure in America.  Speaking for Tiger might actually be progress though.  Perhaps if the trend continues, we’ll next find Ari putting on a good face for Joey Buttafuoco.

You know, for luck...