Who’s Giving Us a Bad Name This Week: Faigy Grossman

No, this isn’t about her name.

Faigy ripped off Dance Dance Revolution with a video game for Orthodox to boogie down.

Just what we need during the holidays: Gyrating Hasidim telling Goys they got served.

Look, ma, shpilkus!

Suggested by MWS


2 responses to “Who’s Giving Us a Bad Name This Week: Faigy Grossman

  1. Do you think he has this much fun when he’s alone in his room?
    Can’t imagine it. A total faker. But a terrific entry.

  2. What you should be more concered about isn’t the fact that its a clone rhythm game like DDR its the fact that she took a build of a popular rhythm game called stepmania. To be specific she took the latest build(stepmania 4.0). Not only did she take the game but she also took the dance chart from various “packs” that were released to be played on games like In The Groove and stepmania. She didn’t have the decency to even credit anything and even claims that everything is property of step it up. First of all stepmania is FREE TO DOWNLOAD AND PLAY. She is charging close to 60 dollars for something that is FREE. The songs and dance charts are available for FREE. The dance mats are nothing more than DDR dance mats. This is all just a big lawsuit waiting to happen

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