Costumed Heroes

So now it’s cool to be a regular guy who thinks like, dresses like, acts like a superhero?

Apparently zero-to-hero films like Kick-Ass have been inspiring comic geeks to dress up like Spiderman and catch criminals.

So why hasn’t Curb Your Enthusiasm (episode 19) encouraged more Jews to dress up like Larry David and break up baptisms?

Don't worry, here comes Super-Yid!


One response to “Costumed Heroes

  1. Costumed heroes REALLY shouldn’t be annoying Jews ever…after all, the entire genre of super-heroes was created as a conceit for different aspects of Judaism. Superman represents a Jew in diaspora, having found a place in his new home. Batman lost his parents to a tragedy (the Holocaust) and decides to fight to prevent a tragedy like that from ever happening (think of him as a Cold War era Mossad agent)…the list goes on. Haven’t you read Kavalier & Clay?!?

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