Listen up lazy ladies, I take a lot of pills.  I even have an alarm attached to my ankle to remind me it’s time for another pill — the thing goes off so often you’d think it were a shtetl guard with an itchy trigger finger.

But apparently there are femalenists out there — you know, the ones who fought for the right to take a pill — who now can’t actually be bothered to take one.  Ladies, thirty pills a day is a burden.  One pill a day is a brokheh .


One response to “NuvaRing

  1. What’s even more annoying about NuvaRings is the fact that they need to be refridgerated. A former roommate was on it and we ALWAYS had birth control in the fridge next to the butter and old salad dressing. I mean, it was destined to go in her VAGINA, but it lived in my fridge. Worse, when she moved she didn’t update her address in time, so it came to my house (in a styrofoam cooler) and I had to put it in the fridge until she could pick it up…TWICE.

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